Our selection

Working on the Farm
2017 14,90 € each
Forever Yours
- Frédéric GASSITA - 2017 14,90 € each
Magic Box
- Philippe SELLAM - 2016 14,90 € each



The first album of this globe trotting artist was produced in Opus studios in Grestain, Normandy.Dom is the singer, songwriter and composer of this project, recorded and mixed by Pierre Bianchi, arranged by Laurent Cokelaere. 
A quality line up for these recordings :
Bass : Laurent Cokelaere
Guitars and other random instruments : Jean Do Sallaberry et Marco Papazian
Keyboards  : Luc Bertin et Michel Amsellem
Drums  : Christophe Deschamps et Nico Viccaro

RSA’s assistant and ProTools operator / Permanent staff of Opus studios  : Jonathan Marcoz
RSA’s assistant (welcoming / sessions set ups)   : Ahmed El Ouadrhiri
 Pots and Pans  : Nicole "Nini" Dassonneville