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Working on the Farm
2017 14,90 € each
Forever Yours
- Frédéric GASSITA - 2017 14,90 € each
Magic Box
- Philippe SELLAM - 2016 14,90 € each




Jazz pianist and composer, the Gabon prodigy 


The next two opuses of this Jazz pianist and composer are both currently undergoing production.The two albums co-written with A. Bongo Ondimba represent the realization  of several dreams, one of which was to work with both the London symphonic orchestra and the Royal philarmonic orchestra.

These two wonderful albums of which the second is still undergoing production will both lead to other exciting musical adventures to be discovered soon on the Atlantide Music label.  




Fredéric Gassita’s music comes from a diverse musical universe where, among others, Claude Debussy blends in with Herbie Hanckok alongside the unique ancestral rhythms of the Bateke plateau.It is a music of fusion carrying strong symbols and borrowing both from the classical and jazz movements. Combined with more traditional rhythms it gives us a real insight into his modern vision of Gabon.These two albums are two sides of the same project : the first being a reworking of the duo’s original collaboration, reconstructed for symphonical orchestra, the second, focusing on new compositions, is still undergoing production.With this project their music has reached a stage of maturity enabling them to touch a new level of composition taking into account large orchestral formations. This album , full of spectacular musical encounters, sometimes takes the trait of work written for cinema, whether it is in the richness of its melodies, or in the power of its arrangements.










* The Bateke Plateau :


The Bateke Plateau area is located in the Gabon region of the Haut-Ogooué, on the Congo-Gabon borders.Previously a reservation and a sanctuary for orphaned gorillas and the last common duikers, this site is now a National Park.The specific rhythms of this area are worth mentioning as they are a source of inspiration for the two composers. Without getting too much into details, we note a particular musical metric, which consists of a subdivision of the binary and ternary pulsation.