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Working on the Farm
2017 14,90 € each
Forever Yours
- Frédéric GASSITA - 2017 14,90 € each
Magic Box
- Philippe SELLAM - 2016 14,90 € each


Sortie le 25 mars 2013

The release of the new albums is due on march 25TH.



The french label Atlantide Music is proud to present Frederic Gassita’s new musical project, two symphonic jazz fusion double albums, co-composed with long-time fellow musician Ali Bongo Ondimba. And we find under the baton of director Paul Rouger, the London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and famous guests featurings, including Bireli Lagrene, Sylvain Luc, Baptiste Herbin or Alessandro Penezzi. This unique work will be on the shelves this spring.


Frederic Gassita : Biography