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Working on the Farm
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Forever Yours
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Magic Box
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Krav Le Grav


TCHINGA real name, KRASH alongside the world of HIP HOP in the 90s in the band NEW SKOOL. Rap group being among the best of Gabon. From his integration in this crew very involved, he will learn the basics of the music that is to have write well and an otherwise impeccable acceptable flow. Done; it is the conquest of the public by illustrating in sound systems, the battles, etc.

In 1998 "NEW START" single signed NEW SKOOL for KAGE PRO;
In 1999 "UNDERGROUND LBV" single signed NEWSKOOL for KAGE PRO;
In 2000 "IF I HAD THE MONEY" single signed NEWSKOOL for Promedia;

Appreciated by Frederic GASSITA it will integrate the record AF.J PRODUCTIONS and come out in 2001 the maxi-single "SELF MADE MAN" exceptional public reception. BURN THE K flight to Abidjan in Ivory Coast for promotion. Back in Gabon, is the scene and tours that will succeed; always within AF.J PRODUCTIONS, it will record his first album 15 patties entitled "I SEE RED". 

In 2002 "SELF MADMAN" maxi-single signed AF.J PRODUCTIONS;
In 2006 "I SEE RED" album signed AF.J PRODUCTIONS;
In 2007 "QUIET STRENGTH" album signed with NEWSKOOL for NEG MUSIK (FRANCE);
In 2008 "HIP HOP GENERATION" maxi-single signed NEWSKOOL for NEG MUSIK (FRANCE);
In 2010 "BETWEEN HOPE AND DOUBT" maxi-single signed AF.J PRDUCTIONS;
In 2013 "Molotov Cocktail" album signed AF.J PRDUCTIONS;

It shares many scenes with rappers French and Americans as BUSTA FLEX, DIAMS, SINIK, KERRY JAMES, MENELIK, BOOBA THE FOUINE, X FACTOR, JA RULE, FAT JOE, EVE, etc.

It has not yet achieved its goals and knowing that he has talent to spare, he continues his merry way and applies this art he practices with the heart.


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