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Dom Rider : La Bio

Born Dominique Gaudin near Paris, the young scorpio at the age of twelve discovered horse riding. A passion that is still with him to this day.
The love for Rock music encouraged him to join the drumming class for his fifteen birthday. Shortly after he will get his first drumming gig with a young and local band: “BANLIEUE EST”
Leaving the band at the age of eighteen to travel the world, his first stop in Mexico will be a life changing experience. Working as a horse riding teacher for the Club Med, Dom soon realized that his life would mean traveling. From the 70’s to the 80’s, you maybe saw him in Cancun, Djerba, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador De Bahia, New York, Los Angeles, Santo Domingo…
During his 5 years in New York, Dom Ryder will have the opportunity to meet all his childhood heroes (Aerosmith, Van Halen, Ted Nugent, Doobie Brothers…) while working for “Rock Star Magazine”.
During the 90’s saw him training polo horses for the LA team in Burbank before setting down in London in 1992 where he would play the drums for a variety of bands ranging from rock to funk and pop !
This last few years, his interest for song writing took him away from the drums where he usually performed.
By his travelling experience, Dom Ryder has created his own musical universe, blues rock flavored by a little latin touch.
Among his influence, he would mention in the same sentence ZZ top, Tom Petty, T Bone Burnett or The Pogues…
His love for playing live should enable you to catch him with his band in a town somewhere on planet earth.








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